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Julie Diaz and François Fabre, artisans vignerons

Domaine du Somail is a 15-hectare ( 37-acre) estate based in the heart of Minervois. It follows the principles of biodynamic viticulture.

Domaine du Somail is also a human story. The story of four passionate people, who care for their soil and terroir, and aspire to share their passion with the world.

First, you have François, the agricultural engineer who traveled the world and finally decided to settle down and reestablish his family estate. 

Second, you have Julie, the psychotherapist who followed her family’s ancestral tradition of growing wine. 

Third, you have Germain, the talented and innovative sommelier. Faithful to his land and its wines, he decided to ‘spread the word’ everywhere he goes. 

Last but not least, you have Patrick, the business man and wine lover from Brittany who chose to share his experience and passion with younger mates. 

All of us share the same vision and bring together our competences and sensitivity to sublimate this exceptional terroir. 

Domaine du Somail was an audacious bet, a crazy and exhausting adventure, but we believed we would succeed because we dream, we dare, we work and never give up!

No matter how you chose our wines or the way you taste them, you can understand we are totally dedicated to each of our parcels to bring forth the purest expression of our ceps.

Open a bottle, be attentive, listen…you’ll hear us laughing during harvest, you’ll be seduced by the whispering winter wind during pruning, you’ll be filled with the sound of cicadas during the hottest hours of our summer days…

Now taste the wine…you’ll feel the expressive aromas, the fine tanins and above all, the passion, respect and work.

Look at the bottle, observe the label... feel the commitment and passion we devoted to our wines. We have infused our values, our energy and our love into each bottle.

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Domaine du Somail

Grain de Fadas
Minervois AOP
Rose 2019
8.50 € tax incl per btl of 75 cl Sold as 6 btl pack


Vin de Plume
Minervois AOP
Red 2018
10.00 € tax incl per btl of 75 cl Sold as 6 btl pack

Domaine du Somail

Le Secret
Minervois AOP
Red 2015
48.00 € tax incl per btl of 75 cl Sold as 6 btl pack

Domaine du Somail

Petit Pierre
Red 2016
14.00 € tax incl per btl of 75 cl Sold as 6 btl pack
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