Domaine du Somail

Welcome to Domaine du Somail,

An adventure that began in 2013 by three vine enthusiasts, Julie, François, and Germain. Driven by the quest for authenticity and a profound respect for nature, our estate embraces the specifics of natural winemaking and biodynamics, where each bottle bears witness to the intimate connection between the earth, plants, and the cosmos.

In the AOC Minervois, the cradle of a viticultural history dating back to Roman times, our vines are bathed in Mediterranean sunlight, caressed by the northern wind, and steeped in our Occitan culture. Near the Canal du Midi, a testament to human ingenuity and the unbreakable link between our vineyard and the history of Languedoc, our vines take root in exceptional terroirs.

Domaine du Somail is also a historical bridge between Minervois and the United States. Thomas Jefferson, a great wine enthusiast and then Consul of the United States of America, stayed at Somail, laying the foundations for a story that connects our lands to distant horizons.

Today, Germain, our passionate partner, celebrates the gems of his homeland in his successful wine bars in the United States. With an artistic touch, his food and wine pairings captivate the senses, offering a gustatory experience in a warm atmosphere.

At the heart of our approach lies a deep love for the land, a commitment to preserving our environment through biodynamic practices, and a conviction that the connection between plants and the cosmos transcends agriculture and is a path of life.

We invite you to share a convivial moment in our cellar, discover cuvées that tell our story, and participate in lively tastings. For us, wine is more than a beverage. It's a celebration of respect, sharing, and the emotion that each bottle holds.

At Domaine du Somail, each sip is an invitation to a sensory journey, a meeting with the soul of our terroir. Come, taste, share, and celebrate with us this exceptional adventure at the heart of Minervois.

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