Domaine du Somail

Respect for a vineyard steeped in history

Located in the Eastern part of the Minervois appellation, our vines are deeply rooted in the terraces that used to go from the ancestral town of Minerve to the Mare Nostrum (or Mediterranean Sea). 

Minervois is one of the oldest wine-producing appellations, with vines planted by the Romans who understood the gravelly soil and the blue sky were perfect for growing vines and olive trees. Since then, various populations and illustrious civilizations such as the Wisigoths, Vikings, Sarrasins, Cathares and Cistercian monks settled in Minervois. 

Considered as the first wine region in the world, Languedoc is steeped in history. Honoring our roots, we care for our vines and are proud to preserve and enhance the most valuable resources our region has to offer to produce great wines. 

We epitomize the search for authenticity, elegance and finesse, so we cultivate our wines following the biodynamic principles. Understanding our soils and using the rhythms of the cosmos help us reveal the full potential of our terroir and our vines.

Viticulture, winemaking and aging 

The grapes are hand harvested and gently vinified to obtain balanced and aromatic juices. Once fermented, the wines are aged in french barrels or tanks for 10 to 24 months. They are naturally clarified during winter, blended during spring and bottled at the estate.

Please come to visit us

We will be happy to welcome you at Domaine du Somail, show you around and have you discover our wines.

We are open from June to October:

-    from Tuesday to Friday from 3PM to 7PM

-    Saturday from 10AM to 12PM and from 3PM to 7PM

-    Sunday from 10AM to 12PM

You may also call us at +33 (0)618 092 473 to reserve a specific tour and tasting.


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